17 March 2023 Friday 09:12

Çankaya Municipality "Children's Technology House" opens new horizons while bringing the children of Çankaya together with technology in the "Code", "3D Design" and "Robot" workshops.


The "Children's Technology House" located in Çukurambar Uğur Mumcu Park of Çankaya Municipality continues its education in the spring term. In the new period, the children experience the excitement of learning the latest technology and making their own designs in the company of computer and physics graduate expert trainers.


In the Technology House, which consists of three sections: Code, 3D Design and Robot workshop, the horizons of children who develop themselves also develop. Children who learn the preliminary stages of programming and algorithm logic with a block-based system in the Code Workshop, can learn how to make 3D designs in the 3D Design workshop and create their own projects about them. Children, who learn from the trainers about how designs are used in which sectors and what can be done, also experience the excitement of getting 3D prints on 3D printers from time to time. In the robot workshop, which is the third part, the children learn to install and program movement commands by creating robots with lego sets according to their age groups.


In order not to disrupt the school education of the children, the children who attend the courses held on Saturdays and Sundays at the weekend have the opportunity to have a pleasant time with their peers as well as the information they receive.