05 July 2022 Tuesday 13:44

Çankaya Municipality participated in the 13th Healthy Cities Best Practice Contest, organized by the Healthy Cities Association to encourage the production of healthy city projects, with 5 projects this year.


Çankaya Municipality participated in the Healthy Cities Best Practices Contest, organized every year by the Healthy Cities Association, with 5 projects this year. The municipality participated in the contest with the projects entitled: “Know Me” and "Hope for the Future Workshops" in the Social Responsibility category, “Safe Moneybox, Cleaner Çankaya" and "Small Steps, Big Tomorrows" in the Healthy Environment category, and Bademlidere Urban Forest and Park in the Urban Planning category.


The Healthy Cities Association, which operates as the Turkish extension of the Healthy Cities Movement, which has been going on for more than 30 years in Europe and has 105 member municipalities, organized the Healthy Cities Best Practice Contest this year, as every year, to encourage the production of healthy city projects. . Çankaya Municipality, which has been a founding member of the Association since 2005, participated in the Healthy Cities Best Practices Contest with 5 projects this year.




Bademlidere Urban Forest and Park, which Çankaya Municipality started to build on an area of ​​750 decares, participated in the Healthy Cities Best Practice Contest of the Health Cities Association in the Urban Planning category. The project, which entitled: “Together We Create a Forest: Bademlidere Urban Forest and Recreation Area” is a big project that will meet the green space needs of Ankara and Çankaya. Bademlidere Urban Forest and Park; that is self-sufficient, has low maintenance costs, and observing ecological cycles; is being built as a green area with systems that enable the use of rain water, contain ecological buildings, establish alternative energy sources, and protect the existing plant and animal habitat. Bademlidere City Forest and Park also placed third in the world in the 2021 International Liveable Communities Awards.




In the Social Responsibility category, the "Hope for the Future Workshops" Project will compete. The project aims to minimize the dependency of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Mentally Disabled on their families by supporting their independent living skills. Workshops are being organized on self-care, housekeeping, cooking and cleaning are organized for individuals. With the partnership of Çankaya Public Education Center and Tunalı Rotary Club, educational support of universities is provided in the project, and families are also given special training. With the trainings, it is also aimed to reduce the future anxiety of families arising from their children's need for care and to look to the future with hope.


The “Know Me” project is another project that will compete in the Social Responsibility category. BHRG Foundation, which operates in the field of autism in Hungary with the participation of the Autism Association and Çankaya Municipality, and the Slovakia Rata O.Z. “Know Me” project realized in partnership with the project emphasizes the role of pre-school education in early diagnosis and treatment of Autism. It is aimed to develop the capacity of preschool educators to recognize the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder at an early stage, to guide the family correctly and to create an appropriate educational atmosphere after clinical diagnosis, and to gain appropriate intervention techniques in pre-school inclusive education.




“Safe Moneybox, Cleaner Çankaya” Project, which aims to develop, protect and strengthen social welfare policies by creating a sustainable, healthy environment and social structure, and includes Anıttepe Neighbourhood Waste Packaging Systems, which is implemented as a first in Çankaya district, that will compete in the Healthy Environment category, aims to prevent street collectors from scattering the waste around the containers, and to collect waste that can be recycled without polluting the environment by eliminating visual pollution.


The other project of Çankaya Municipality that will compete in the Healthy Environment category is the “Small Steps, Big Tomorrows” project implemented in the kindergartens of the municipality, which aims to raise generations with high awareness and who can produce sustainable nature-based solutions against climate changes in the areas of climate, nature, agriculture, biodiversity and ecosystem. In order to create environmental awareness, children meet with the soil in mini orchards created in nursery gardens for children to spend active time in nature in accordance with their developmental period.