05 July 2022 Tuesday 13:36

Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen gave the good news. Works are ready for Ankara's biggest culture and art center.


“Çankaya is the district of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, where the foundations of the Republic were laid. Mayor Taşdelen, who said, "It is a city with a population of over 2 million during the day," told Milliyet about what has been done in eight years and the details of new projects.


"Atatürk says in March 1923, 'My personal strength and power come from the reliability and trust that the people show me'. We have prepared this book to tell you what we have done in eight years in return for the reliability and trust our people have shown us. Because we believed that the greatest strength and power of a mayor is to be able to give an account of his actions to the people, kurush over kurush.


'We have increased our budget by 4 times'


“We did not save the day while serving, we did not mortgage the future of our people. We increased the municipal budget of 554 million liras, which we took over with our qualified and hardworking staff, to 2 billion 170 million liras by increasing it 4 times in 7.5 years without borrowing or using credit.


In the SEGE 2022 Districts Socioeconomic Development Ranking Survey prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Çankaya increased its score from 5,300 in 2017 to 6,900 and became the second largest district in Turkey with the socioeconomic development level. No success is accidental. The ministry, which is a public institution, showed that it was not a coincidence.


'From steppe to green'


“We built 91 new parks in our Çankaya, which is in the silence of the steppe, in eight years. We brought 720 thousand square meters of new green space to our neighbours. Now we are building Bademlidere City Forest and Park on 750 decares (500 decares of forest, 250 decares of parks). When finished, it will be the second Atatürk Forest Farm. And when this is finished, we will have brought a new green area of ​​1 million 600 thousand square meters to Çankaya in 8 years. Bademlidere will serve the whole of Ankara.


Atatürk Cultural Center


“Another project of ours is Atatürk Cultural Center. When it is finished, it will be the cultural center of our Ankara at international standards. With its large hall for 1100 people, a smaller hall for 500 people, workshops and galleries, all international activities can now come to Ankara. And we will raise Atatürk Cultural Center to 29 October 2023. We will complete the construction in 15 months.


'We have 950 thousand projects'


“Çankaya Municipality is a municipality where everyone says, 'This is my municipality'. A park you open, a service you provide should improve people's quality of life. You should touch his life with what you do. That's why we actually have 950 thousand projects. We work indiscriminately. We now want Turkey to have a bright future. We want to see better days now. We reach out to those who can't afford it. We are opening the doors of our municipality wide. We broke new records. While doing all these, we had only one principle: to do the right municipality, to do the honest municipality. It was our duty to show that the service was done honestly and with dignity.


'Making it like Çankaya'


“Our goal is to make Turkey like Çankaya, as our General Chairman Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said. It's close. And lastly, we will always continue to work for our people. Because, as the great leader Atatürk said, 'Standing in your own place means going backwards. Forward, always go forward,” he said.