05 July 2022 Tuesday 13:29

Çankaya Municipality added a new one to the social assistance for children. 100 children from families residing in Çankaya, determined by the mukhtar's offices, had a fun-filled day at the Circumcision Feast held after their circumcision.


As the municipality of firsts, Çankaya Municipality, which brought the firsts to life in the history of the municipality during the period of Mayor Alper Taşdelen, broke new ground and had the children of families whose financial situation was not suitable circumcised. Within the framework of the Health Card protocol, which provides discounts in health services, he had children circumcised free of charge in contracted private hospitals.


Children had fun all day long at the Circumcision Feast organized by Çankaya Municipality, which acts with the understanding of Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen, "We are the municipality of the children the most".




100 children, who were determined by the mukhtars in 39 of 123 neighbourhoods throughout the district, danced and sang accompanied by animators at the festival, in which their families also attended. Playing all day long in the toys set up in the area, the children had fun with illusion and balloon shows. Bicycle gift certificates were given to 100 children at the feast where food, corn and cotton candy were plentiful.