05 July 2022 Tuesday 13:27

Home Health Unit, which is among the Home Health Care Services of Çankaya Municipality, provides primary health care services such as dressing, injection, blood pressure measurement, and taking blood samples for blood tests to the citizens' feet. Health teams also serve the citizens in the evening hours.


Çankaya Municipality provides Home Health Care services to citizens who cannot go to any health institution. The Municipality, which provides home health care services free of charge, supports citizens in need. Within the scope of the service; primary care services such as dressing, prescription injections excluding antibiotics, blood pressure measurement, taking blood samples for blood tests are provided. The teams, which provide service in the evenings out of working hours, also provide support for different complaints of the patients and refer them to full-fledged hospitals according to the relevant situation.


Çankaya residents who want to benefit from the Home Health Care services of Çankaya Municipality can get these services by phone or by applying in person. Citizens can apply by calling 458 89 00/1178-1179 and receive service within the program.