05 July 2022 Tuesday 13:25

Çankaya Municipality Aşık Veysel Barrier-Free Life Center was the scene of colorful performances by Persons with disabilities.


In the Aşık Veysel Barrier-Free Life Center, which was opened on October 25, 2021 by the Mayor of Çankaya Alper Taşdelen for the persons with disabilities to receive education, individuals have fun with colorful activities as well as education.


Persons with disabilities, who came together with their families at the Aşık Veysel Barrier-Free Life Center event, danced and performed a musical show that was appreciated by the participants. Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen, former CHP deputies Çetin Arık and CHP Çankaya District President Fahri Yıldırım participated in the event and shared the happiness of persons with disabilities.


Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen, who stated that he is very happy to be in the colorful event of the center, where attention is paid to raising awareness with an approach that aims to bring people with disabilities to the places they belong in their social lives, said, “The services provided in our center are organized according to the individual differences of individuals with special needs. We will continue to work to enable them to participate in social life like every citizen in the society, to gain independent living skills, to comfort their families and to facilitate their responsibilities.”


Çetin Arık thanked Alper Taşdelen for putting this center into service, which touches the lives of people with disabilities. Also at the event, Vice President of Ankara Autistic Individuals Association Zehra Hasgül presented a plaque to President Alper Taşdelen for his support to individuals with special needs.


Individuals studying at the Aşık Veysel Barrier-Free Life Center had a pleasant time with the guests who filled the hall with the shows they prepared. The event, which started with a waltz show prepared by the dance workshop, continued with a music concert by Halil Köseler, a former council member of Çankaya Municipality, and Murat Köseler, responsible for the Audio Library. Enthusiasm peaked up with the performance of the Aşık Veysel Barrier-Free Life Center Music Workshop.