27 January 2017 Friday 00:16

Çankaya Municipality has been ranked as first of Turkey in all categories in the field of "Human Development and Life" in the research conducted by Human Development Foundation, which was presented at the Act * Human Development Summit hosted by Human Development Foundation (İNGEV).

Mr. Taşdelen: "We invested in people and environment for a livable city. We just worked and only worked for people".

Çankaya Municipality has been ranked as 1st of Turkey in all categories including health, education, economic situation, social life, social inclusion, governance, environment and transportation and received the highest level of development in the 'Human Development Index' which is generated by the result of the study of the Human Development Foundation, in which Turkey's 150 largest municipalities were researched by examining the annual reports and 'secret customer' survey.


Çankaya Mayor Alper Tasdelen, who made a statement about the award that Çankaya Municipality received in all categories in the field of "Human Development and Life" in the research of Human Development Foundation, said that: "We have been ranked as 1st of Turkey as Çankaya in the research carried out by the Human Development Foundation. This is very proud because we implement the people centered projects. Because we work for the happiness of our people. I am dedicating this award to all people of Çankaya".


Alper Taşdelen who underlined that they came up the duty with an understanding of providing equal service for everyone and embracing every segments said that: "We have prioritized our people at every step we take. We have increased our social and cultural spaces, sports and park areas for everyone to benefit from 7 to 70. We have been the children's municipality with preschool education, study services, book projects, summer schools and science festivals. We have implemented examples of social municipalities by doing convenience works for our women, our young people, our elderly people, our sick people, and our disabled people. We have only worked hard to make Mustafa Kemal's Çankaya livable in every respect, and we only worked for people".


Free health services such as Oral and Dental Health, Welcome Baby, Family and Child Psychological Counseling, Residental Care, and Home Cleaning Services provided at Çankaya Public Health Center are among the human-centered services of Çankaya Municipality which
hit the top among the 150 municipalities in the evaluation composed of the education, economic status, social life, social inclusion, governance, environment and transportation categories.

Çankaya Municipality which also provides services such as; setting up iftar tents during the month of Ramadan, distributing Ashoura in the month of Muharram, helping need owners through ÇAYED Apple in Half, Çankaya Municipality’s Çankaya’s Sprouts that ensures financial support to university students is also among the award winning projects.

Çankaya Municipality, which ensures animal husbandry support by distributing 441 small cattle to the citizens living in rural areas of Çankaya, allows the people of Çankaya to meet with the earth in the middle of the city.

Other services of Çankaya Municipality which is also featured with its services for women and disabled people, that have been evaluated are as follows; providing free internet in parks, increasing the amount of parks and green spaces, biological ponds, sports areas, Çankaya Houses, Springhouses, kindergartens, Welcome Desk, Solution Center, cultural and art centers, renovating public institutions such as schools and health centers, and building taxi stands and mukhtarship buildings.

Çankaya Municipality which consults to the residents of the neighborhood when producing its projects and services with an understanding of participation and pluralism, gave support to educate children and gain reading habit by distributing them 350 thousand pieces of Çankaya Children's Book Series.


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