Within the scope of this Project;
  • Besides the cooperation of Çiğdem, Birlik, Yaşamkent, Türkkonut, Oran, Ümitköy, Kırkkonaklar, Konutkent, 100. Yıl Districts Neighbourhoods, interviews were held with TRT campus for Oran region.
  • It is aimed to ensure the adoption of stray animals after treatments which collected from the streets in cooperation with the Mukhtars, volunteer animal officers, animal lovers and related associations or to leave them to their regions by disseminating the project of “sterilize, vaccine and let live” and ensure coordination by monitoring Every problem about street animals in the neighborhood closely.
The workflow in this study, will be as follows;
  • Collecting from Neighbourhoods > Treatment at the Health Care House > Sterilizing and vaccination> Ensuring animal adoption or releasing them back to the neighborhood.
  • It is aimed that the cooperation provided between Çankaya Municipality and non-governmental organizations in Çiğdem Neighbourhood and Yaşamkent is extended to other neighbourhoods.
  • The first practice was carried out with the Çiğdemim Association and after 100 animals were vaccinated in 4 months, the necessary treatments were made and the animals released to their living areas.
10 neighborhoods targeted for the execution of the project together:
  1. Çiğdem
  2. Yaşamkent
  3. Türkkonut
  4. Ümitköy
  5. Konutkent 
  6. Birlik Mahallesi
  7. TRT Kampüsü
  8. Oran
  9. Kırkkonaklar
  10. 100. Yıl