With this study;
  • 103 dogs are adopted in total.
  • 5 animals have been adopted through our web page.
  • Adoption is provided in 2 construction sites.
  • For treatments that cannot be carried out for stray animals adopted from our shelter a 10% discount was made on treatments in cooperation with the veterinary faculty of Ankara University.
Besides, adoptions are made in 4 taxi stands which are;
  • Oran Ata Metiş Taxi Stand
  • Öveçler Fidan Taxi Stand
  • 100. Yıl İşçi Blokları Taxi Stand
  • Hilal Mete Taxi Stand

The main objective of this phase of the Project is to provide a warm nest for stray animals which all health checkups and vaccinations are made. It is aimed to provide health checks and vaccinations for stray animals adopted from our shelter free for life, and ensure a colloboration with Ankara University Veterinary Faculty for the treatments cannot be provided with our shelter means.

As part of this study the followings are planned;
  • Adoption through our internet site
  • Encouraging residential sites for adoption
  • Encouraging taxi stands for adoption
  • Encouraging applicants for building permits for adoption
  • Increasing the number of adoptions by ensuring adoption with love bond in primary schools.