With this study;
  • Feeding points with animal lovers were formed in suitable areas outside settlements of Çiğdem, 100. Yıl, Türkkonut, Yaşamkent and Yeşilkent Neighbourhoods.
  • The vaccination campaign was held in Angora homes in August 2014. A total of 67 street animals were vaccinated.
  • 875 unowned and adopted animals vaccinated between the dates of 20 January - 20 February.
  • A total of 1161 vaccinations (Rabies, Mixed Vaccine, Inside-Outside Interference) shot to stray animals in Yaşamkent Oran, Yeşilkent, Alacaatlı, Konutkent, İmrahor, 100 Yıl, Çiğdem and Çayyolu Neighbourhoods.

The main objective of this phase of the Project is to protect unowned stray animals from the natural conditions.

Within the scope of this study the followings are planned;
  • Putting water springs to parks
  • Establishment of feeding points in suitable areas outside settlements and keeping animals alive at these points
  • Providing tablet vaccination cooperation with The Ministry of Forestry.
  • Organizing vaccination campaigns in Neighborhoods.
  • Preventing the traumas that street animals can face with.