• Our Vedat Dalokay Wedding and Cocktail Hall locates in an area integrated with the green space in Kurtuluş Park.
  • Our facility which also hosts a Wedding Hall, serves our residents of Çankaya intensively. The demand for our Wedding hall is increasing considerably, especially in the summer months.
  • You can use our Cocktail Hall just below our Wedding Hall if you want to present a decent cocktail to your guests after Marriage, or you can do your Wedding organization in our Cocktail Hall. Our cocktail Hall is rented by many public and private organizations for special occasions and celebrations. We offer three different categories of fixed menu to improve the preference of your choice in our Cocktail Hall.
  • You can also create a menu outside of these categories, or you can make additions to the menu we offer (The list prices will change in these conditions) apart from these categories. For some of your invitees, you can prepare a diet meal or a vegetarian menu, subject to extra charge.

Vedat Dalokay Wedding Hall Marriage Service Fees

Weekday Room Fee – No Ceremony (Morning)

130 Tl

Weekday Hall Fee

250 Tl

Weekend Hall Fee

450 Tl

External Marriage Fee (Within the borders of Çankaya Municipality)

450 TL

External Marriage Fee (Outside the borders of Çankaya Municipality)

550 TL

Foreign Nationals

Marriage fee + 250 TL

For Couples Come Fom Other Municipalities by Permission

Marriage fee + 75 TL