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Hüseyin Onat Sokak No: 4 A. Ayrancı/ANKARA

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Kutlugün Sokak No:14 Cebeci/ANKARA

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Ali Fuat Cebesoy Sk. ile Arif Nihat Asya Sk. ve 807. Sk. Kesişimi Oran/ANKARA

What is a Spring House (Baharevi)?

It is a space for our senior people living in Çankaya to meet and to share in
  • Education,
  • Health,
  • Social and cultural activities.

Spring House is a cozy environment where seniors spend time together and carry out social-cultural activities. Our Spring House has 400 permanent visitors.

Who can apply?

All Çankaya-dwellers interested can apply.

What do we do?

  • Health Services: Oral-Dental Health and nursing services.
  • Training Services and Seminars: training and seminers on Alzheimer, diabetes, obesity, women’s rights, disability rights, children’s rights, gender, family relations, communication, healthy nutrition etc.
  • Socio-Cultural Activities: music, theatre, dance, screening, excursions and sportive activities.
  • Communication and Information: Communicating and informing those who want to benefit from public services suc as health, housing, in-kind and financial aid etc.
  • Home Healthcare and Cleaning Services: services are given to the needy persons in coordination with Home Healthcare and Cleaning Services unit.

What are available in the Spring House?

  • Hall for seminars and screening
  • Reading room
  • Cafeteria (chess, backgammon, newspapers, tea-coffee)
  • Health unit (infirmary, tennis table, gym)
  • Playground for grandchildren of our guests.