ÇAYED Apple in Half

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Öveçler 4. Cadde 1326. Sokak No:7/A Dikmen

ÇAYED Apple in Half Garment Market - Çaldıran Sokak Çaldıran Parkı İçi Kolej

There are approximately 7500 needy people registered as members in Çankaya Aid and Economic Soliadrity Association. ÇAYED Apple in Half provides basic needs, cloths and ware for 11000 people besides its registered members.

What do We Do?

  • Providing food and cloth aid for our registered members periodically,
  • Furniture aid for the needy,
  • Book, stationary, toy and cloth aid for primary schools,
  • Increasing food aid in Ramadan,
  • Food, cloth and ware aid for the refugees in Turkey.

What did We Do?

Since April 2014 as ÇAYED Apple in Half,
  • Cloths for 10,000 people,
  • Cleaning and food support for 6000 housholds,
  • Furnitures for 155 housholds and 275 university students,
  • Cloths and boots for students in poor neighbourhoods,
  • Book, stationary, cloth and toy support for 18 schools in and out of city as well as
  • Book, food, sports equipment aid for special education centers, recidential facility, sivil society organisations and associations.

Who can apply?

  • Anyone who live in Çankaya District and is not economically self-sufficient
  • University students coming to study from other cities

How to Apply?

  • For food apply to ÇAYED Öveçler with residence certificate and National ID
  • For furniture apply to ÇAYED Öveçler
  • For cloths apply to ÇAYED Öveçler and Apple in Half Garment Market located in Seyranbağları Market Place.