Day Care Centers


  • There are currently 12 Day Care Centers belonging to our municipality.
  • Our Day Care Centers provide care service for children aged3-6 years.
  • Our Day Care Centers are open daily7.30 a.m. until 18.00 p.m.

1,500 children benefit from our day care centers operating with reasonable fees and quality services. We provide services with specialists and teachers for our pre-school age children and for children who continue to school throughout the year. We contribute to the awareness of our children in the fields of culture and art and scientific issues, and we organize events in cooperation with the Embassies for the children to learn about the cultures of different countries.


What do we do?

  • Our services are child-centered, based on family participation, creativity promoter, implemented through training programs based on universal principles such as “freedom, equality, peace, hope, friendship.
  • The objective of our programs is to learn through experience and to meet the need of every child as their awareness on the World being raised.
  • Each group provides best material and activities for social/emotional, intellectual, esthetical growth and psychomotor development of children as promoting positive self-conception.
  • In the planned activities children are trained to explore new ideas, to develop and to improve language, concepts and skills of problem resolution; given training of self and sufficiency.
  • The education process has added children many new values. Above all art and sport activities come.
  • In our Day Care Centers, music, chess, painting, ceramic, gymnastics, and dance lessons are given so that children can express themselves through art and improve their intuition and skills.
  • In our Day Care Centers we serve our 1500 children with our specialists.
  • We organize activities in cooperation with Embassies for our children to know cultures of different countries.