Süleyman Bey Sokak, Maltepe

Ördekli Park has been renovated by Çankaya Municipality and brought into service with an intense participation of the residents of Maltepe. The park will become an important center of activity for the residents of the neighborhood to come together with its children's playing areas, ornamental pools, dog-walking areas, basketball court, and with the ducks which the park takes its name.

Ördekli Park, which holds an important place in the childhood memories of the old neighborhood residents, was built in 1950's. Ördekli Park, which is the largest part of the green area route from Kızılay to Tandoğan, was renovated and restored by making various arrangements in time. Ördekli Park has been re-projected and it is aimed to bring a new breath to the neighbourhood according to Mayor Taşdelen’s instruction on renewing the parks in the districts to meet the citizen’s needs which their zoning plans have already been done and there is no space for a new park construction.

Ördekli Park, which combines three streets, is neighbour to Umut Park that locates behind Yilmaz Güney Stage, has a size of 6 thousand 251 square meters. The pools were enlarged and the artificial stream was added in the new plan of the park that locates on a long axle. The park which its pool that the ducks and the geese will live in, and the dog-walking and training areas have already been completed, will be one of the meeting places for the residents of the neighborhood with its arbors, walking areas, children's playgrounds and sports fields, and will draw citizens from nearby districts.