Ata Mahallesi 1066. Cd. Üzeri, Münir-Neriman İslamcıoğlu Camii Arkası

The park we built in the name of of Destina Peri Parlak who lost her life when she was just 16 years old in the terror attack on March 13, 2016 in Güvenpark has opened in tears. Çankaya Municipality realized Destina's dream by building the park near her house. Sculptor Eşber Karayalçin's "Peri (Fairy)" monument opened with tears while putting name plaques to the pine trees planted in the park to keep the memory of 36 people who lost their lives in March 13 in Güvenpark Massacre. Hacer Parlak and Mayor Taşdelen hanged the plaque of Peri’s name on a linden tree they plant in the park. Destina Peri Parlak which has a landing area of 6825 m2 contains children's playground, sports and recreation areas within itself.