Mutlukent Mahallesi 1979. Cadde ile 2067 Sokak Kesişimi

Çankaya Municipality continues opening new parks one after another. The municipality which has opened Harput Park which is located at the intersection of 1979th Street and 2067th Street of Mutlukent Neighborhood. The park has a total area of 3 thousand 120 square meters, which consists of two parts, the first part is 2 thousand 625 square meters and the second is 495 square meters.

Harput Park which will serve the people of the region with a 2 thousand 770 square meters of green space, also contains a 100 square meters of children's playground and seating areas within itself. The new park, which has a 365 square meters grass area and will be irrigated with automatic irrigation system, is one of the greenest parks in the region with a total of 88 percent green space, apart from 250 square meters of hard floor used for walking path, transition and seating areas.