Yukarı Öveçler Mahallesi 1288. Sokak ile 1238. Cadde Arası

Çankaya Municipality continues to look after its social values. Çankaya Municipality, which gives important names in the world of politics, sports, art, literature and science and lives the names of the martyrs to parks and social facilities, has made the opening of Aziz Sancar Park.


The park which carries the name of Aziz Sancar, who was awarded the "Nobel Prize for Chemistry" in 2015 with his research on how cells repair damaging DNA and protects his genetic information, was designed after spiral of DNA and has an area of 10 thousand 400 square meters.

The new park has children's play areas, seating areas and squares, also has a fitness area and running path. The park also has two fountain pools.

The park is located between 1288th Street and 1238th Street in Yukarı Öveçler neighborhood. The opening ceremony was hosted by Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen. CHP District Chairman Selçuk Dereli, CHP Ankara Province and Çankaya District Board Members and citizens was attended to the opening.