Terms of Reference

The Municipal Police is the enforcement body which protects wellfare, health and peace of the people of the District and carries out the services given to the authority and responsibility of the municipality in controversial areas.

The task of the Directorate is to present the decisions taken by the competent organs protecting the health and welfare of the people of the city by taking the identity of Çankaya into the foreground, and taking into account the principles of public benefit, participation and transparency.

Our Municipal Police organization aims to sustain a structure which is advanced on the conscious of the community and the environment, embraces our corporate values, and serves the people of Çankaya with instructiveness and self-confidence.

Our Municipal Police also aims to bring that structure to the highest level which uses pioneering, exemplary and contemporary technology in the police regulations and practices, each institution wants to benefit from its experience and knowledge, gives direction to the field of practice with its views consulted with the minds, and sustain its success and service quality.

Authority and Responsibilities

Municipal Police performs its duties in shifts in night and day, all the time continually, in twenty-four hours a day in order to ensure the peace and prosperity of the people of the District, and tries to reach its services to the public in the widest extent.

  • Tasks related to the order and welfare
  • Tasks related to the reconstruction
  • Tasks related to the health
  • Tasks related to the traffic
  • Helping tasks


  • Tradesmen and environmental inspections,
  • Market place inspections,
  • Evaluation of demands and complaints,
  • Prohibiting peddlars
Documents Required for Workplaces in the Supervision of the Tradesmen
  • Work place opening and working license
  • Tradesmen inspection book
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Pharmacy cupboard
  • Environmental cleaning tax receipt
  • Advertisement tax board
  • If there is live music, live music permission certificate
  • If there is occupation, occupation paid document
  • Weekend working permission certificate (in case being active on Sundays and official holidays)
  • Employee hygiene certificate for work place where health information certificate is required

Fields of Activity

Çankaya Municipal Police is the municipality’s eye, ear and guide at the streets of Çankaya District which has 1 thousand 157 m2area, a resident population of 914 thousand 501 and 124 neighborhoods, it responds the citizens and works to solve their problems.
Our municipal police performs its duties in shifts in night and day, all the time continually, in twenty-four hours a day in order to ensure the peace and prosperity of the people of the District, and tries to reach its services to the public in the widest extent.
The tasks of Çankaya Municipal Police conducts its activities in the following ways;

  • Tradesmen inspections
  • Market place inspections
  • Mobile team works
  • Complaint tracking
  • Documents and correspondences
  • Carrying out the duty of law enforcement

• We have 8 central authorities which are affiliated to our Directorate, and these authorities intervene in any kind of municipal crime in our territories.
• They are responsible for the general inspections of the markets set in their regions and they do their work in this direction.

• They apply criminal procedures within their regions to work places which prevent the pedestrian crossings with the goods they put in front of their work places and those which do not comply with the rules in general inspections, and they carry out regular monitoring of related issues.

Market Places


Contact Information of Directorate of Municipal Police

Ziya Gökalp Cd. No:11 B2 Blok Kat:8

458 89 00

Secreteriat of the Directorate

230 03 20 - 230 75 99

Radio and Communication Center  

230 75 51  

Night Sentry Commissary

231 38 03


230 12 41

Contact Information of Municipal Police Central Authorities

Muhsin Çelik (Balgat) Municipal Police Central Authority  

Oğuzlar Mh. Barış Manço Cd.-1397 Sk. Köşesi,
Pazar İçi

285 05 68

Cebeci Municipal Police Central Authority  

Erzurum Mh. Geçim Sk. Pazar içi

319 33 77

Dikmen Municipal Police Central Authority 

Naci Çakır Mh. 752 Cd. R. Börekçi Cami Yanı,
Pazar Üstü

482 92 25

Emek Municipal Police Central Authority 

Emek Mh. Bişkek Cd. 28 Sk. Pazar içi

213 39 28

Küçükesat Municipal Police Station 

Muhsin Ertuğrul Mh. Bülbülderesi Cd. İle
Esat Cd. Köşesi

437 27 34

Müslüm Ballıktaş (Yıldız) Municipal Police Central Authority

Yıldızevler Mh. Simon Bolivar Cd. Arıtım Sk. Pazar İçi

438 91 76

Öveçler Municipal Police Central Authority 

Cevizlidere Mh. 1256 Cd. 1230 Sk. Köşesi

472 81 95

Ümitköy Central Authority

Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Mh. 2899 Sk. Pazar İçi

425 54 63

Cebeci Mobile Teams Authority

Erzurum Mh. Geçim Sk. Pazar Köşesi

362 29 03

Contact Information of Municipal Police Stations

Sakarya Municipal Police Station

458 89 20

Kuğulu Municipal Police Station      

426 08 41

Kemal Karadoğan (Yüksel Cd.) Municipal Police Station   

418 84 15

Yenişehir Municipal Police Station

432 54 92

Dikimevi Municipal Police Station

320 10 70

Cebeci Store

320 51 28

Ayrancı Municipal Police Station

426 33 61

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