What Should Foreign Nationals Do to Get Married in Turkey?

Foreign Nationals

  • Citizens of foreign national are required to approved the Certificate of Celibacy (except apostille and multi language documents) by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs which they take from the consulates they are affiliated with.
  • Foreign Nationals have to bring Turkish translation of their passports certified by the Notary, along with the original passport.
  • If the spouce does not know Turkish, the Marriage Declaration will be translated into their languages and certified by Notary after they have been filled in 2 pieces. They have to provide an interpreter during the application and marriage.

In Certificate of Celibacy;

  • Name, surname, date and place of birth, the names of the father and mother,
  • Nationality, passport or ID number,
  • And the appropriate form of marital status (single, divorced or widowed) shall be written.
  • If the woman is a widow, the date of her husband's death, if divorced, the date of divorce shall be written.
  • The Divorced or widowed woman will bring birth certificate indicating her maiden name.
  • In their Certificate of Celibacies, there will be a phrase indicating that there is no problem with the marriage of the person.
  • The legal validity period of all documents is 6 months (180 days)