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Public Health Center

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Required Documents

Followings are required of deceased;
  • Death report if avaliable
  • Other documents related his/her Disease
  • ID Card
  • Certificate of identity register copy if ID Card not exist

What do we do?

  • Examination of the citizens who lost their lives
  • Burial license arrangement (7 days, 24 hours)
  • Funeral Need Box (Shroud, towels, rose water, henna, cumin, soap, headscarf for women)
  • Funeral Transfer Vehicle (at no charge for inner city transfer, 80lt diesel oil in outer city transfer)

General Information

  • Tasks of determining, installing and managing of the cemetery areas belongs to the Metropolitan Municipality.
  • When the patient dies in the hospital, the burial permit is issued by the hospital.
  • The report is organized by Forensic Necessity in judicial deaths