For the purpose of protecting community and environment health and ensuring sustainability, we perform supervisions in sanitary and non-sanitary workplaces, places people use collectively, public entertainment places, and residences and we evaluate the requests and complaints related these issues within the framework of the relevant legislation.

What do we do?

  • Problems are detected immediately in case of a written application is made related to health problems occur in residents. The complaints are resolved by issuing the necessary detection minutes and informing the relevant third person or entities.
  • In case victims of resident and business owners aggrieved from non-sanitary and sanitary workplaces notify their complaints in writing, the complaints are resolving threaten environment and human health caused by mentioned workplaces.
  • If it is notified that workplaces such as beauty salons, massage saloons, saunas, that acting contrary to the license, resolving complaints are ensured by health auditing in those enterprises.
  • In case of workplaces such as restaurants, bread ovens, baking ovens etc. release particles to buildings or surrounding area though their chimneys, the complaints are examined and the necessary precautions are required to take the necessary precautions.
  • The complaints related with working conditions of employees, ventilation, heating and and social facilities (shower, sink, WC) in non-sanitary licensed workplaces, the elements of those workplaces that threaten environmental health are audited and it is tried to make them available to environmental and community health.
  • We carry out the necessary supervision and problem-solving activities for the evacuation of dirty water flowing from houses, enterprises, institutions for the protection of environmental health.
  • In accordance with the worker and workplace health regulations, it is ensured that the problems that threaten workers' health and workplace health or the unfulfilled liabilities are recovered and eliminated in those enterprises.