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What is E-waste?

They are all electronic and electrical appliances which are broken, fractured, damaged, cannot be used or not valuable for their users any more.

Why should E-waste be collected?

E-waste consists of dangerous and hazardous material as well as glass, metal and plastic. 10 grams of lead pollutes 25.000 tons of soil and 200.000 liters of water. According to United Nations report, only 6,5 millions of tons of E-waste is recycled out of 41,8 millions of tons of the waste. Some elements in E-waste are too valuable to be wasted such as gold, silver, iron and copper. It is known to be that for producing 1 kg of iron, 200 kg of mines must be processed although 2 kg of E-waste is sufficient for the production of the same quantity. Consequently, it is calculated that E-waste could be a 52 billion dollars source for the economy if recycled all.

How do we collect E-waste?

Storage Facility

It is in project phase. Information will be on our web site when it is completed.

Accumulation in the Containers

You can drop all kind of your E-waste specified in the list which specifies the types of E- waste below, except whiteware.

There are 4 containers of our Municipality for the accumulation for E-waste in the district
Anadolu Tarım Meslek Highschool – Eskişehir Road (1 item)
Hacettepe University – Beytepe Campus (2 items)
Angora Houses – Beysukent (1 item)

Collecting from addresses

E-waste are collected with a specified schedule by the Municipality if citizens drop a notice to phone number 458 89 03.

What kind of E-waste do we collect?

  • Whiteware such as refrigerator, washing machine etc.
  • Small house appliances such as vacuum cleaner, tost machine etc.
  • Equipment related informatics and telecommunication such as computer, cellphones etc,
  • Consumer equipments such as music instruments, video cameras etc.
  • Electrical appliances such as drills, saws etc. (except large and fixed industrial machines)
  • Toys, entertainment and sports equipment (video games, arcade machines etc)
  • Medical devices
  • Tracking and control devices such as thermostats, heat controllers etc,
  • Automates (beverages, money automates, etc.)

Recycling of E-waste in Turkey and the World

Although USA and China are the leaders among E-waste producers, considering the waste amount Norway is the leader with 28,3 kg of waste per capita.

Turkey’s annual E-waste quantity is 503.000 tones totally and 6,5 kg per capita. Turkey is 17th in the list among most E-waste generating countries.