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What is 1000 Children's Choir for?

  • The 1000 Children's Chorus, which has an important role in Çankaya Municipality's activities for children, aims to contribute to the cultural and artistic development of our children.
  • Çankaya Municipality is trying to show that it gives the necessary attention to raise artists and music lovers as well as to choruses which have a great influence and power on children's artistic, intellectual and personal development as well as raising with its 1000 Children's Chorus project.
  • It is aimed to realize various social and comminal aims with the 1000 Children's Choir established in 2009, in order to contribute to the cultural and artistic development of our children in particular. Because it is publicly accepted that the basic services of local governments are to reach the highest standard of public as well as to do a raft of works for the artistic development of the society, and this understanding is expected from all municipalities

Who can participate?

  • The 1000 Children's Chorus consists of the art advisor, the chorus chief, the instructors who run each chorus, the chorus children and the chorus coordinator. The children who participate to the choir are generally between the ages of 7 and 12. It is possible that this age range can be changed with the approval of the instructor. The program sees all children who has healthy voices enough to get "basic music education through choir".
  • It is necessary to pre-register at the announced dates at the beginning of each semester or school year in order to be able to participate in Çankaya Municipality 1000 Children's Chorus. Students whose musical and behavioral readiness levels are measured and observed by the instructors are accepted to the appropriate choruses in every school year or beginning of semester.
  • Students participating in the choir are trained in choral classes determined by their age and level. The training program is continuous as long as the student and the parents demand to continue, and the chorus instructors deemed appropriate on a member of the chorus.
  • A member of the choir who joined to the chorus at the age of 7 may stay in the chorus until the age of 14 - 15, with the approval of his / her family and the choir instructors. With the years to come, subclasses can be combined according to their age and level, thus new classes with similar levels can be created in this way. Members who are 15 years old and do not want to continue their choral works can join the Youth Preparatory Choruses and continue their "music education".

What are the Goals?

  • Announcing to the public that all children need to sing according to their ages.
  • Supporting choruses and music instructors working in primary schools,
  • Supporting all the children's choruses that continue to work in the Çankaya region and in Ankara, incorporating them into the project and bringing these choruses together at various events,
  • Recognizing and meeting with the world children’s songs by hosting the gathering of children in chorus through festivals at the international level,
  • The 1000 Children's Chorus is not a single choir. The choruses initiated in our municipality, the choruses created together with non-governmental organizations, with those in primary schools and others are a collective of about 2000 members of 50 choruses, with 40 chorists on each.

The supporters are;

  • Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory
  • Ankara University State Conservatory
  • Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts,
  • Association of Music Educators,
  • Sevda Cenap and Music Foundation,
  • Polyphonic Choruses Association,
  • Ankara Polyphonic Music Association.