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Birlik Mah. Kahire Cad. No: 3 06550 Çankaya, ANKARA

Çankaya District has a resident population over 900 thousand and the daytime population of our district is about 2.5 million. We provide cleaning services with 322 workers in 124 neighbourhoods within our municipal boundries, in an area of 40 thousand hectares.

There are 3 thousand 500 garbage containers in various regions for timeless household waste. 1 thousand containers with different qualifications will be placed in different regions.

There are 850 composite garbage bags on the streets and avenues in the city center where the public is passing through intensively.

What do we do?

  • Collecting daily garbage and waste (1270 tons of domestic waste per day) produced in the residential areas within the municipality boundaries and moving them to the garbage collection place,
  • Using chemical materials in the cleaning of pollution occurs in the asphalt and drains of streets and avenues in the processes of collecting and transporting garbage,
  • Doing the collective cleaning in certain neigbourhoods every day of the week,
  • Ensuring the cleaning of avenues and streets with medicated water,
  • Ensuring the processes of sweeping and washing for the environment and the gardens of schools with medicated water,
  • Removing district market places’ residue and waste, sweeping and washing (cleaning and washing operation at 22 market places)
  • Cleaning septic tanks of houses and work places for a fee in areas without sewer system,
  • Cleaning the places of worship, (170 places of worship, 2 pieces on average per day)
  • Assisting relevant units and organizations in the prevention and elimination of floods that may arise when natural disasters are encountered,
  • Ensuring the participation of the people of our district to the cleaning services by organizing campaigns with various brochures, pictures, slogans and advertising tools.
  • Struggling with snow and ice.
General Information
  • The processes of collecting and transporting of domestic solid waste and unused old materials are done by the private company, supervising of those processes is acting by the Directorate of Cleaning Services of Çankaya Municipality
  • The process of collecting medical waste is acting by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Cleaning of Places of Worship

Cleaning of Streets and Marketplaces