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Following the series of "Science Stories", which presented to 100 thousand children, Çankaya Municipality has brought the book series of "Unending Lives", which distinguised classics from world literature took place in, together with children through promotional activities organized in Kuğulu Park.

Cankaya Municipality which aims to bring reading habits to students aged 8-12 with the slogan of "If the Children Read, the Books Never End", bring children on a magical journey by crowning the "Science Stories" book series it distributed before the semester holiday with the World Classics it distributed before summer holiday.

The books which distributed in 30 schools including villages in the first stage, were distributed to all schools within the district then. We also presented our "Unending Books" series to the libraries of the schools in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia after were delivered to 50 thousand children free.

We will meet our "Unending Books" series with also 150 thousand children in the 2015-2016 academic year.

The Special Series Composed of 10 Books:

The children will also meet with the lines of the poetries with the "Unending Books" which also consists a poetry book within itself in addition to story books selected from world classics. The "Unending Books" series consists of a total of 10 books of immortal works which are; Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days", Mark Twain's "Living, Not-living", Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea", O. Henry's "Last Leaf" and "New Year's Day", Oscar Wilde's "Selfish Giant", Francesca Bosca's "Song of the Cicada", J. Matthew Barrie's "Peter Pan", and Grimm Brothers’ "Town Musicians of Bremen".

And the name of the poetry book titled as "A Couple of Words" brings poetry lines written by the poets vitalizing poetry from Shakespeare to Pushkin.


Children’s Fairytale Tunnel Excitement

Children who had fun at the workshops set in Kuğulu Park before the book distribution, sang songs with the "Cicada Chorus" prepared by the instructors of the Çankaya Municipality 1000 Children’s Choir, and danced in the "Peter Pan Dance House." The children who played darbuka, tef and other rhythm instruments in the "Bremen Rhythm House" enjoyed pleasant moments with the stories they read and the animations they watched in the "Story House of Stories".

The books were also distributed from Taşdelen’s own hands ...

After the speeches, the book distribution began in the event which started with the screening of the short animation introducing the "World Children's Classics". Hundreds of children and their families have created long queues to receive the special series. The event which Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen also presented the series to children with the distribution team, ended with a rap music concert prepared by the Çankaya Municipality Music Group and the children together.

Taşdelen, who stated that the "Çankaya Municipality Children's Book Series" will lay the foundations of book and child friendship and the books distributed free were the carnet gift of the children, said that: "We will also do exemplary works in the field of education and we will continue to take on our leading role"