Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural Center and Cemevi which is the largest Cem House of Turkey is one of the important centers of culture and worship that Çankaya Municipality has recently opened for service. Çankaya Municipality Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Center and Cem House located between Turan Gunes Boulevard and Ürdün Avenue in Oran and having a total area of 4,800 square meterswas specially designed according to Alevis-Bektashi philosophy.

The faith museum and a library take place in the center besides the Kırklar Meydanı under the seven-storey original roof. While entering the center, which its outer covering stone was brought from Hacıbektaş, and bedecked with the Nevşehir stone, from the Heaven Gate at the end of 7 stairs, the careful design of every element draws attention from the number of stair steps to selected plants and from kufi Ali facade adornments to the environmental regulation.

The Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural Center and Cemevi, which meet the worship of the Alevi citizens living in Çankaya as well as their cultural activities, also hosted an important meeting with the participation of Çankaya Mayor Alper Tasdelen. Kerbela Martyrs were memorialized and Çankaya Municipality shared the “Aşure Lokmasi” with 30 thousand citizens in the “Requiem Night to the Muharrem” organized to commemorate the suffered pain in Karbala in 1375.