We moved the garbage container system applied in European cities to Çankaya. We are targeting a cleaner and more livable Çankaya with the practice of the "New System Garbage Container". Starting from Oran Region, which we have determined as the pilot region, we started to equip Atatürk Buildings, İlkbahar, Aşağı Dikmen, Yukarı Dikmen, Sancak ve Hilal neighbourhoods with the new system garbage containers.

We increased the number of 50 garbage containers we put in Oran Neighborhood to 540 in total by putting garbage containers in some avenues and streets in for; 25 in Atatürk Buildings, 31 in İlkbahar Neighborhood, 27 in Aşağı Dikmen Neighborhood, 67 in Yukarı Dikmen Neighborhood, 92 in Yıldızevler Neighborhood, 82 in Sancak Neighborhood, 76 in Hilal Neighborhood and 80 in Kızılırmak Neighborhood.

We increased the number of containers to 640 in total by spreading in Çiğdem, Çukurambar, Yüzüncü Yıl Neighbourhoods.


  • Overground containers made of galvanized steel sheet are resistant to cold and sun rays, as well as they also have a 250-liter tank at the bottom, designed to prevent garbage water from leaking out.
  • The three cubic-meter container also prevents image and noise pollution with its ease of use and during tipping.
  • The container has the feature of tipping and cleaning with washing by the crane with remote electronic control system.
  • The container has the feature of opening by pushing with both by hand and by foot.