Birlik Mahallesi 365 AVM Yanı

İsmet İnonu Park, which will welcome the visitors with its ceremony area in its entrance section, containing a central square, a cafeteria with indoor and outdoor sections, a large ornamental pool, a 2-meter-wide natural stream, bicycle and vehicle paths within itself. The new 250 spuare meters Çankaya House, which Çankaya Municipality attaches great importance in terms of people's socialization, and their benefiting from hobby and personal development courses, will also be located within this park area and will be the second adress of the citizens.

The biological ponds which Çankaya Municipality put into practice in Ahlatlıbel Ataturk Park and brought them to Ankara and later widespread to its many parks will take place in both stages. In addition to contributing to the eco-system, biological ponds which also attracts attention with its aesthetic role in urban life have the feature to purify water through water plants and beneficial microorganisms without using chemicals. The new biological pond with a size of 495 square meters was built at Ismet Inönü Park, as one of the biological ponds that offer a natural part to the city with its visual beauty.