Çayyolu Mahallesi 2432. Cadde ile 2673. Cadde Kesişimi

Çankaya Municipality has brought a new breathing space to the Çayyolu region. İshak Öztürkk Park was opened to service by Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen.


Çankaya Municipality continued its tradition in this park, which gives the names of socially prominent people that gained the love of the people by offering important contributions to humanity through their works, ideas and works. The name of Hayrettin Karaca will be kept living park which is located at the intersection of 3239th Street and 3226th Street of Yaşamkent Neighborhood.

The bust of Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is located in the new park, which has a total area of 2 thousand 520 square meters and a green area of 670 square meters and the Turkish flag is floating. Atatürk's words "Freedom and independence are my character" is written in its pedestal. The park which is located in the intersection point of 2432.nd and 2673.rd Avenues of Çayyolu Neighbourhood has taken the name of İshak Ozturk, who has contributions to the region in every sense, will serve the people of the region as a new resting place.