Çankaya Parkı İçi (Çansera) Öğretmenler Caddesi MTA Yanı Çukurambar

Çankaya Municipality which provides services for women, young people and children has brought another service and opened “Children’s Technology House this time.


There will be training programs to be provided with many applications prepared to love and entertain programming for children in the Code Workshop to develop algorithmic thinking systems for individuals who solve problems, not producing problems. Children who will be able to do different robot using same kit will learn basic skills and concepts about robots by experimenting and observing on-site.

The 3D Printer Workshop, which will convey children's dreams into concrete material, will draw on 3D programs to ensure imagination meets the 3d printer. Atelier which aims to increase the utilization of 3D printer supporting design and innovation thinking in educational environments to strengthen innovative thinking and design, also targets bringing different skills such as design and software to the students in using 3D printer.