Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Caddesi 1247. Sokak ve 1248. Sokak Kesişimi

The Aşık Veysel Engelsiz Yaşam (Eng: Barrier-Free Life) Center, which will serve as a multi-faceted life center for the socialization, acquisition of life skills and personal development of disabled people, will offer courses for parents and Baharevi for residents aged 65 and over.

There will also be a cinema and a theater hall in the Center, where Çankaya Municipality Visually Impaired Sports Club athletes can practice weightlifting and goalball. The activities of Çengel Atölye will also be held in the Center, where there will be an Independent Living Unit organized in the form of a kitchen, living room and bathroom, arranged in an exemplary house model, where disabled individuals can learn to meet their daily life skills.

Çengel Atölye, which was previously located in Çankaya Municipality Maltepe Campus, will now continue its activities at the Aşık Veysel Barrier-Free Life Center. Çengel Atelier will include painting, ceramics, mosaic, jewelry and felt workshops.

The Aşık Veysel Barrier-Free Life Center will also include a nursery for disabled children, a study room for group therapies, an Individual Interview Room where individual counseling and psychosocial counseling will be provided, painting and music workshops, glass workshop, woodworking workshop, dance workshop, meeting and activity hall. The Audio Library, where Çankaya Municipality provides services for visually impaired individuals, will now operate in the new center.