Çankaya Municipality has realized a project touching people. The "Çankaya Social Card" project, which will cover 1050 families with low income in total, has been initiated. At first, 260 people took their cards from the hands of Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen who said that: "Çankaya Social Card is a reflection of our humanity, our respect for our people. The source is people’s, the source is for the people".

Çankaya Municipality has implemented the "Çankaya Social Card" project, which will provide financial support to the citizens with low incomes. Çankaya Municipality, which made social examinations of 459 people who applied to the Çankaya Social Card in the first place through the Central Population Administration System (MERNİS) and visited their houses and made social examinations, made 260 people benefit from this card. Every family involved in the project will be paid a cash deposit of 300 TL every two months. The owners of the Çankaya Social Card will have the opportunity to shop from wherever they wish. In order to get Çankaya Halk Card applicants should reside in Çankaya, must not have a registered immovable property and their household income should be at a rate of one third of the minimum wage. Çankaya Social Card, with which the basic needs can be met, will be continued to be given to the women in the families.

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