Yukarı Bahçelievler Mahallesi 83. Sokak Anıtpark İçi Anıttepe

Çankaya Municipality, which is preparing to present its services to the public by completing many large projects in 2018, presented Anıtpark Çankaya House to the public with a ceremony. Anıtpark Çankaya House, which serves as the 26th Çankaya House in the district, will be the second address of the Bahçelievler and the surrounding people.

Çankaya Houses, which are being built with the aim of helping the people of the neighborhood to participate in social and cultural life, to develop their personal skills and to participate in vocational courses, also serve as a public house in which the participatory democracy model realized by the participation of the people of the neighborhood in the municipal government is applied. Çankaya Municipality which put the 26th Çankaya House into service serves approximately in 100 branches. Every year more than 20 thousand citizens are benefiting from hobby, profession training courses and social activities. Anıtpark Çankaya House will operate with various courses such as decorative home accessories, sign language, make-up techniques, black pencil painting, Turkish Folk Music Choir, digital photography and adult guitar courses.