The 100.Yıl Marketplace, which was overused, ended its physical life and could no longer respond to the public needs, and served the region for 23 years, has been transformed into the city square by being demolished and re-buildt by Çankaya Municipality, is brought into the service again with an inauguration ceremony with the intense participation of the Ankara people.

Çankaya Mayor Alper Tasdelen, who emphasized that the marketplace which the region people showed an intense interest, and opened with the composer-performer Onur Akın concert, will not only serve as vegetable-fruit market that set only two days a week, said that: "From now on, here will serve as a city square. Here will be a complete life center with its shopping centers, social and cultural events, interviews, theatre plays and summer movie screenings realizing in its amphitheater, Children's playgrounds, basketball and volleyball courts, and roller skating fields. Mr. Taşdelen also stated that the whole garbage mechanism of the marketplace was brought down to the underground.