The new Urban Agriculture Hobby House, which is among the 2021 investments of Çankaya Municipality, will be the second address of Çankaya residents who are bored with city life. In the center, which will be established on an area of 33 decares in Alacaatlı, citizens will be able to receive training in every field about gardening and agricultural product cultivation.

The new agriculture-hobby house will be an important training center with its large garden and workshops suitable for practice. There will also be a forest fruit garden and areas where medicinal and aromatic plants are grown in the facility, where Çankaya residents will have the opportunity to take care of the soil every day of the year. At the center, workshops will be held on topics such as preparing the environment for growing vegetables, natural care for vegetables, vertical gardening techniques, pruning, grafting, how to grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, corn, zucchini, melons, strawberries, lettuce and medicinal aromatic plants.