Çankaya Houses to be opened by Çankaya Municipality will be built in Karapınar, Ata, Öveçler, Kırkkonaklar, Yaşamkent, Çayyolu, Seyranbağları and Bahçelievler neighborhoods.

In addition to 111 different course types such as in a foreign language; English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, in personal development; diction, mother-child education, sign language, in hobby; oil paint, binding, oud, guitar, felt, patchwork, wire breaking, pencil drawing, and in profession; computer, computerized accounting, 10-finger keyboard, stage makeup, there are also yoga, pilates and sports activities.

Approximately 40 thousand people can receive training annually with pastry courses in a professional kitchen, which was opened for the first time this year, which attracted great interest in vocational courses. With the new Çankaya Houses to be opened, it is aimed to increase the number of people who can benefit from all courses to 50 thousand per year.