The "Healthy Streets Project", prepared in cooperation with the United Kingdom, United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat) and ARUP, was unveiled. Bringing the best examples of Participatory Municipalism to life, Çankaya introduced the "Healthy Streets Project", which was shaped by the opinions of the people of the region, in Bahçelievler, which was selected as the pilot region. In addition to the residents of Bahçelievler, universities and non-governmental organizations participated in the all-day promotional event in Metin Oktay Park on July 9.

An important step was taken for the creation of healthy, clean, safe and walkable streets in Çankaya with the event that presented the healthy transformation of the 70th, 71st and 74th streets of Bahçelievler, which was selected as the pilot application area for the project, within the framework of the project and continued with questions and answers.


The Healthy Streets Project is based on the principle of "Health for all, equality in health and social service policies and lifelong health", which constitutes the "Health 2020" basic policy of the World Health Organization. The main goal of the project is to strengthen the sense of community; clean, safe, walkable streets and the creation of a healthy urban design that cares about everyone it lives in. The project also includes the objectives of facilitating the accessibility of public transport, increasing its usability and reducing air pollution and noise by encouraging cycling and minimizing motor vehicle traffic.