The center that takes its name from the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s speech: "All my hope is in youth!", will respond to many needs of young people. The Center, which will meet the needs of youth for vocational and social space, will be an area where young people can express themselves and provide professional support to build their future. In the Center, which will include a 24-hour library, cinema, theater and concert halls, internet service will be provided uninterrupted and free of charge.

There will be 4 movie theaters with a capacity of 100 people, a theater with a capacity of 250 people, a library with a capacity of 1000 people that remains open 24 hours, and a Career Center that will provide guidance to young people preparing for the university exam and all youth.

In addition, there will be a Young Café, where many young people will be employed by working part-time; likewise, there will be a ceramic production workshop where young people will be employed, and workshops will be held in the fields of sports, art, language, literature, media and technology.

The workshops to be organized with young people, university societies and advisors who know the fields will cover many fields. In addition to the fields of cinema, theatre, literature, music, painting, ceramics, foreign language, many activities will be carried out in sports areas such as chess, go, billiards, table tennis, darts, parkour, e-sports. These areas will also include educational activities and work towards tournaments.

In the center, which has more than fifty independent departments, there will be a project design and entrepreneurship office, as well as the office where the youth will get in touch with national and international youth organizations and work on the student exchange program will be conducted. In the project and entrepreneurship office, in addition to the trainings to be given, different ideas and projects will be developed and patented, and personal development and employment will be provided by ensuring that they are transformed into grant and support programs such as the European Union and KOSGEB.

Young people will benefit from the services at the Center free of charge with the Genç (Young) Card. Prices in the cafe will also suit their budget. Young Card also provides young people with books, stationery, markets, language and training courses, etc. It will offer discounts in many areas.