The "Building Resilient City through Empowering Women Project" within the scope of Town Twinning Grant Program Between Turkey and the EU

The Town Twinning Grant Program, which aims to create sustainable structures between Turkey and local authorities in EU member countries, has a total budget of 2.6 million Euros. The program is based on; creating town twinning relations and deepening the existing relations between the EU Member Countries and local authorities/governments in Turkey, ensuring the experience of mutual exchanges and good practices in areas related to the EU accession process, and providing the consolidation of essential roles in the development process of the EU-Turkey relations.

In the program, where the EU Presidency is the Final Beneficiary, the Central Finance and Contracting Unit (CFCU) - Merkezi Finans ve İhale Birimi (MFİB) has the highest level of responsibility for the proper use of grant funds and is responsible for tenders, contracts and payments. The Union of Governorships - Vilayetler Birliği (VB) and The Union of Municipalities of Turkey - Türkiye Belediyeler Birliği (TBB) will also provide technical support to grant beneficiaries.

It is envisaged to provide the grant support as of 60 thousand Euros as the minimum amount, and 130 thousand Euros as the maximum amount for the joint projects to be developed within the scope of the town twinning relations between the municipalities, special provincial administrations, municipal associations other than TBB, governorates and district governorships from Turkey and the local governments from EU member countries. In this context, the institutions that will be grant beneficiaries have been declared on 17.12.2018 by the Central Finance and Contracting Unit (CFCU). One of the projects that are entitled to receive a grant is the “Building Resilient City through Empowering Women Project - Kadınları Güçlendirerek Dirençli Kentler Oluşturma Projesi”, in which is the Çankaya Municipality took part as the main applicant and matched with Frankfurt Municipality.

It is envisaged that the project will start on January 15th, 2019 and will last 10 months. The total budget of the project is about 120.000 Euros and 105.000 Euros of this project will be financed by the EU. In addition to the Çankaya Municipality and its overseas partner, Frankfurt Municipality, the nongovernmental organizations such as the Nature Conservation Centre and the Women Mukhtars Association, which carry out strong and pioneering work in the local region, also support the project.

It is aimed to raise awareness for a gender-sensitive climate action, to develop the capacity to incorporate gender equality into climate policies, and to encourage a policy dialogue and exchange of information between local policy makers and representatives of women's organizations and groups in the project, where a participatory climate policy will be established in cooperation with the experts working in the field of women and climate in Çankaya Municipality and related non-governmental organizations by adapting the women-oriented climate studies of Frankfurt Municipality. The direct beneficiaries of the project will be; Çankaya’s women mukhtars and women who will take a “leading” role in different neighborhoods of Çankaya, non-governmental organizations conducting climate and women's work, the expert staff working on the issue of Çankaya Municipality and the Çankaya Municipality Kindergartens Child Development Specialists. In this direction, it will be one of the project acquisitions that the “leading” women who will study in Frankfurt will transfer information to all segments of society, especially women in Çankaya, and the “Climate Friendly Women” group to be selected within the scope of the project will be pioneer in society in raising public awareness on energy efficiency and climate adaptation at the local level. It is envisaged that, at the end of the project, a guide booklet will be formed including a list of energy efficient household appliances by organizing an international conference to be held to inform the public and raise awareness.

The partner institutions involved in the project:

-Frankfurt am Main Municipality: With a population of approximately 750 thousand, Frankfurt am Main, which was founded on the bank of the River Main, is the largest city in the state of Hessen and the fifth largest city of Germany. Frankfurt is a financial center, European city, main transportation point and a small metropolis. In Frankfurt, people from 180 different countries live in peace. Multilingualism is dominant in Frankfurt, and it is a city that has both the world city merits and does not lose its local characteristics.

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-Nature Protection Centre:Nature Conservation Centre (DKM) is a non-governmental organization active in nature conservation since 2004. The purpose of DKM is to ensure the effective protection of biological diversity and to manage natural resources in a sustainable way, based on scientific approaches. DKM continues to work around Turkey with the support of national and international partners since 2004, with the idea that the protection of nature and its diversity can only be realized through the cooperation and joint efforts of people and institutions.

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-Women Mukhtars Association: The association, which was established in May 2013, continues to work in both projects and activities in order to contribute to the increase of women's representation in mukhtar and community councils, which constitute the neighborhood and village units, which are the cradle of the local administrations in our country, and to increase the visibility of women's issues and to create solutions for them.

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