SymbioCity Approach 2015 was an international training programme organized by the Swedish International Center for Democracy involving the countries Turkey, Serbia, Georgia and Macedonia. The SymbioCity Approach is characterized by community participation and stakeholder involvement, holistic and integrated urban planning and innovative solutions to urban challenges. The training is informed by innovative examples and experiences from Sweden and globally.

The SymbioCity Approach is a conceptual framework developed to address current challenges of the urban environment and builds upon a people-centered, inclusive approach and practical experiences and best practices from Swedish local governments. The SymbioCity Approach explores opportunities to strengthen local governments and local institutions and their capacity to sustain local development, by making use of existing resources more efficiently, while at the same time, identifying means to reduce poverty and the current negative environmental impact created by our urban areas.

The project of our Municipality “Creating a New Model for Municipalities –Developing a participatory method for energy efficiency at the local level” was approved by ICLD and 3 experts of our Municipality have been trained on SymbioCity approach.