Turkish Healthy Cities Association was established by cities that believed in the need for a formal platform, which would make it possible for cities with similar goals to improve and implement the Healthy Cities movement in Turkey could come together.

The Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, which is the first city to become a member of WHO Healthy Cities Project from Turkey, has pioneered the establishment and development of the Healthy Cities Association in Turkey.

Activities for establishing Turkish Healthy Cities Association has started in 2003. The same year the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Health and interested cities in Turkey have established a commission for the preparation of the association’s constitution.

On February 20, 2004 a meeting was held with the Ministry of Health, the Governorship of Bursa, Bursa Provincial Directorate of Health, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and the Municipalities of Tepebaşı, Bartın, and Yalova, which were members of Phase III. During this meeting suggestions concerning the constitution have been taken.

All the member cities of the National Network were called to become founding members of Turkish Healthy Cities Association. The councils of Yalova, Van, Kadıköy, Afyon, Tepebaşı, Çankaya, Ürgüp, Ordu, Kırıkkale and Bursa have taken decisions expressing their intention to join the association as founding members.

The establishment of the Healthy Cities Association was formally completed after the news related with its establishment was published in the official gazette on December 22, 2004. The establishment procedure of the Turkish Healthy Cities Association was completed with the first meeting on February 3, 2005 in Bursa.

Çankaya Municipality has taken an important step towards an effective and functional participation in Healthy Cities Association meetings and the process of dealing with Union by taking the Municipal Council Decision dated 07.04.2006 and numbered 330.

Our council has been represented in Turkish Healthy Cities Association bodies in different periods, and we have participated in the organized conferences with scientific papers reflecting our Municipality’s works.

Our project, Responsibility of Local Governments on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation of Mentally Disabled Individuals “Çengel Cafe Practice” won award in Izmir Conference held in 2007.


Our Municipality received "Best Practice Award" with our "ÇAÇOY (Çankaya Wooden Toy Atelier) Project" from Turkey Healthy Cities Association in 2012.


Our municipality won the Special Jury Prize with our "Natural-Biological Pond / Çansera Park" project held in Healthy Cities Association’s Best Project Contest in 2015 and also won an award in the Healthy Cities Best Practice Award Contest in 2016 by our "Integration of street collectors into the system" Project.



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