European Association of Historic Towns and Regions was founded under the 25th year of the campaign of "Europe: A Common Heritage" of Council of Europe which Turkey is also the founder.

Historic Cities Association was established on 22.07.2000 in order to bring historic cities together to protect and cherish urban, cultural and natural heritage with a common understanding.

Heritage Europe's principle objective is to promote the interests of historic towns and cities across Europe through:

  • International co-operation between heritage organizations, and historic towns, cities and regions.
  • Sharing experience and good practice between historic towns, cities and regions.
  • Promoting vitality, viability and sustainable management of historic towns, cities and regions.

In this context, our Municipality has been a member of the Historical Cities Association on 26.06.2007.

Heritage Europe now represents through its range of membership categories over 1000 historic and heritage towns, cities and regions in 30 European countries.

Cities have been preferred registered as “Urban sites, archaeological sites, historical sites and natural sites" are important and effective parts of their settlement pattern as membership condition.

When this regard; the distribution of protected areas located within the borders of Çankaya District, areas situated on Natural Protected Decision are majority in protected areas. More than 150 buildings and cultural assets have been registered as examples of civil architecture of the early republican period registered under protection by Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board of Ministry of Culture, administrative conservation areas, cultural pool, water cellar, religious buildings, memorial monuments, natural assets with those historic sites located in Çankaya.