Fulfilling Municipal services based on public benefit and public interest by using public resources efficient and effectively and taking advantage of contemporary technology, and performing in the framework of protection of its employees, good humored and solution focused service understanding based on transparency, accountability, participation and citizen satisfaction, and raising the welfare level and life quality of the people of Çankaya.


Creating a model city by making Çankaya one of the most beautiful and distinguished examples of 21st century contemporary urban structuring with the understanding of New Generation Municipality.


Public Interest

Çankaya Municipality is based on public interest in all of its works, services and operations. In this context, public interest and citizen satisfaction are our priorities.


A transparent municipality will be created by providing public’s access on issues of information related with municipal services, taken decisions, plans and projects and informing public about how municipal revenues are being evaluated.

Equal Service

Çankaya Municipality has adopted the principle of providing equal service to all our people indiscriminately.


Ensuring participation is essential at every stage from the identification of requirements to implementation. It is ensured that people are involved not only in the delivery of expectation but also in the phase of monitoring and evaluation by developing projects based on common mind in each subject with the people of Çankaya.

Positive Discrimination

Women, children, elderly and disabled people will be provided with the support and security of our municipality, and a weak protecting and poverty supporting municipal understanding will be dominant by providing urban services and facilities with sufficient qualities to the places where services are inadequate.


Our main goal is to create a transparent and accountable municipality which its decision makers and practitioners are responsible for using their authority and activities.

Efficient and Effective Service

Public sources will be used in accordance with the realization of strategic goals and objectives without wasting to a kurus.

Commitment to ethical values

Municipal services will be presented citizen-focused, honest, reliable and fair.

Being Good Humored and Solution Focused

Citizens will be served with a good humored service, related personnel will be closely involved with the citizes, their problems will be listened and their demands will be fulfilled quickly.

Human and Environment Focused

We will offer our services with a human-focused approach, that keeps protecting and enhancing the environment in the frontline.