Directorate of Veterinary Services aspires to carry out their tasks with the legal basis they are bound. The unit creates projects in the subject of animal and environmental health which is very delicate and important and then realizes these projects. The Directorate carries out the medical processes such as inspection, vaccination, diagnostics, treatment and operation without stopping with their temporary Animal Shelter. The vision of the Veterinary Services Directorate is to create an animal health system which provides quality animal health services to enhance livestock production and productivity.

The Directorate ensures the food storage, sale and production spaces are compatible with legislation and a stable animal health situation through the provision of quality animal health care services by both public and private sector veterinary practitioners to enhance livestock, poultry and companion animals’ production and productivity. In order to protect the consumers, the Directorate takes necessary measures in case of food risks, including animal based foods and informs the public accordingly. The Directorate arranges all necessary precautionary works related to insects; deals with harmful insects in the open air and takes all necessary measures in case of insect propagation and dispersion and makes rehabilitation, treatments, emergency services and the other surgical treatments and provides sterilization services to ownerless or weak animals when necessary. The Directorate propagates the protection of the animal rights, arranges all necessary works related to animal health and welfare and picks up the ownerless and unhealthy animals and leaves them after inoculation, sterilization and medical cares.

Providing animal health services for the national livestock in order to further the expansion of the livestock and poultry industries in the country; protecting the health and safety of pet and zoological animals and public health by controlling animal diseases communicable to human beings; alleviating suffering among animals; assisting in the formulation of sound animal health policies that will provide congenial animal health environment for increase livestock production; providing an efficient and reliable animal health technical service; ensure the timely availability of reliable and relevant data on animal health information for efficient management decision; strengthening institutional capacity for improved animal health management and services delivery and alleviating the suffering of animals through timely veterinary intervention and educating the populace on animal welfare issues are the main tasks of the Directorate.