Mahmut Okan ÜNLÜ

Directorate of Technical Works provides the construction of roads, canals, tretuvar, parks, gardens, landscaping, service buildings, social facilities within the boundaries of Çankaya Municipality. Directorate carries out tasks in Infrastructure Planning, Mapping, Road-Asphalt Works Construction and Repairing.

The Directorate performs the essential arrangements for the expropriations and produces the needed asphalt for the paving works and makes the composition according to the needs and maintain and repairs the street’s asphalts and constructions within the borders of the district regularly.

Making the works of road construction and maintenance and repair asphalt; providing the transeas coated with asphalt which form as a result of excavations in asphalt roads; making the works of sidewalk construction, maintenance and repair; make the studies of opening the new roads which are appropriate to the zoning status to the vehicle and pedestrian traffic; making the construction, maintenance and repair works of the rain water-channels; making studies combat with the floods of snow, ice, and rain water, making studies of the arrangement of parks, gardens and environment and provides periodic maintenance of them are the main duties of the Directorate.