Directorate of Support Services provides relevant services regards to the cleaning, heating, lightening, security, water, electricity etc. of the Municipality building and prepares the lunch and relevant lunch services for the staff. The Directorate is also required to troubleshoot the water, electricity, telephone breakdowns of the building, and provides the tea, barber, hairdresser, shoe shining services to the staff. Besides, the Directorate is responsible for securities and provides guidance to the citizens at the entrance doors.

The Directorate conducts the transportation affairs of Çankaya Municipality. Upon approval of the Mayor, the Directorate allocate the Municipality’s vehicles to the departments for certain or uncertain periods and implement the Municipality’s all ongoing transportation and logistics service in a proper and effective manner. The Directorate should prepare the technical specifications of tenders for the purpose of the Municipality’s equipment’s purchase. At the same time, the Directorate should also coordinate the tender process and provides an effective and coordinated usage for the Municipality’s construction equipment, trucks etc. In order to facilitate the equipment and vehicle management, the Directorate registers the Municipality’s vehicles and implements the periodical controls, egzos tests, and insurance applications of the vehicles.

The Directorate also controls the effective and productive usage of car following system and determines misusage and implements sanctions when necessary. Keeping the equipment and vehicles up-to-date, researches need to be conducted within the Directorate in order to find new technologies on using city information center technologies in the services of transportation and logistics and repairing the vehicles and preparing report for the vehicles which are not in good conditions and engage in sale or disposing process afterwards if necessary are also in Directorate’s responsibilities.