Directorate of Strategy Development determines the medium and long term strategies and policies of Çankaya Municipality within the framework of the annual program and improves the performance and quality criteria which are withing the scope of Municipality’s responsibility and to fulfill the other duties assigned in this context.

The directorate conducts studies on the issues of establishing of the internal control system, implementing and developing the standards; to make the necessary preparations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the top management on the internal audit; identifies the new service opportunities, to take measures against the threats preventing the effectiveness and efficiency and performs research on in-house capacity, to analyze the effectiveness of the services and beneficiary satisfaction and to make general researches.

Collecting, analyzing and interpreting the information and data regarding the municipal management, developing services and increasing the performance; examining the external factors that may affect the services, perform the in-house capacity research, analyze the effectiveness of services and level of satisfaction and to make general inquiries in the areas within the jurisdiction of Municipality; coordinating the preparation of Municipality’s strategic plan and performance program and carry out the works of consolidating the results; evaluating the appropriateness of the municipal services to the strategic plan and annual performance program through observing the activities; preparing the activity report of the administration by taking as a basis the annual reports of the municipal departments prepared by the spending units; coordinating the preparation of the investment program of the Municipality, monitor the results of the implementation and prepare the annual investment eveluation report; pursuing research national and international financial resources and informing the relevant units; providing the necessary information and advice the top management and spending authorities on the subject of implementing the other legislations related to the financial laws; ensuring coordination between the relevant units in order to increase institutional efficiency and quality are the main tasks of the Directorate.