The directorate of Social Welfare Affairs provides its services with gender-sensitive, rights-based, holistic and social participation approach to overcome obstacles and solidarity primarily to create a healthy city; aims to develop a local model for a healthy life in Çankaya by restructuring relevant services and is responsible for the objectives, principles and policies of Çankaya Municipality and the related current legislation in the neighborhoods located within the service area of our Municipality, working with an understanding of Social State which is in the Turkish Constitution and supports all kinds of activities to render family and woman more active in economic, social and cultural fields and to increase their educational levels, to develop strategies on this issue, to create plans and programs and to contribute in determination of basic policies.

The directorate provides social services and assistance to the people who live as the mistreated in the public, and are disabled, elderly, addicted, homeless, in need of protection and have a small income with the voluntary organizations and related agencies for social services and assistance, produces joint projects by generating collaborative workspaces and ensures that these procedures are concluded in accordance with the laws and regulations.

The main duties of the Directorate are; providing the procedures of organizing programs for the sake of giving dimensions, adding color, diversification and development to the life of the citizens from the educational and social aspects; developing projects for the maintenance of a comfortable life for the disabled people; preparing the ground to resolve the needs of the citizens with disabilities from a single source and to meet the equipments such as wheelchair, battery-operated car, hearing aids, orthopedic materials needed by the disabled people; carrying out activities to reintegrate the street children into the society; conducting studies on developing the life skills of the families and family members that are in need; meeting the needs of the poor citizens, providing the procedures of opening and operating a soup kitchen when it is necessary; identifying those in need, to carry out the operations of conveying the aids to the identified needy people, to perform these works and transactions by means of the center of the joy of life established within this purpose Aid supplies purchased by the municipality according to the provisions of the public procurement law for distributing to the people who are within the framework of this regulation, or the in-kind aids such as food, fuel, nutrition, stationery materials donated to the municipality to be used for the social assistance, are distributed to the poor and the needy people by the municipal staff and vehicles with the most appropriate ways and supporting the family in economical and social aspects and to contribute to the social, physical, mental, professional, economical and cultural development of women.