Directorate of Reconstruction and Urban Development prepares all kinds of programs and projects for making livable and modern city created the advantage of national and international grants, funding and loans. And by creating coherence and coordinate with other Directorates and units about the new projects, the Directorate is able to enhance and realize mutual projects with sister cities, other cities or intuitions, also, provide the production and implementation of projects with city stakeholders. Directorate of Reconstruction and Urban Development organizes project competitions and public cooperation meetings related to Municipality’s project. Directorate of Reconstruction and Urban Development gets consultancy service from experts to enhance policy and projects for city and local government services, and if required, create a council about this subject, study and develop projects about urban development, and make researches and identify about Çankaya’s natural and cultural values.

The Directorate of Reconstruction and Urban Development executes all the processes of plan and zoning in Çankaya, The Directorate regulates the zoning status; carries out the operations of unity, allotment, cancellation of the public spaces and establishment of easement facilities. The directorate enables the decisions to be taken by the Municipal Board regarding these procedures, it brings into law the projects of archirectural, static, thermal insulation, electricial and elevator; by examining these projects according to the plans and zoning regulations, the directorate gives approvals and licenses to them. It regulates the certificate of settlement permit. It regulates static reports by examining the all kinds of dangerous structures and ancient monuments. The directorate controls and confirms the preliminary form of the ground and the prepared ground surveys.

Directorate of Reconstruction and Urban Development devise projects in order to keep the Municipality’s values alive in accordance with the universal protection principles. The Directorate is responsible for providing the elements of city inventory, and making research and development studies to develop projects that provide more effective and efficient municipal services. In most cases, Directorate follow-up, evaluate and prepare recommendations for modern practices and sample projects related to Directorate’s duties, to forward the prepared projects to the related directories, and to give information upon request.